After many requests from our awesome users, we are excited to announce that you can now pay for your FoxyCart subscription with the new Login and Pay with Amazon option and PayPal. For years we have only accepted debit or credit card payments (and Bitcoin within the past couple of years), but considering we support nearly 90 payment gateways and alternate payment methods, we thought it was time allow more options ourselves.

As a company, we try to “eat our own dog food” as much as possible. In other words, any features or updates we release to our users, we want to be using on a regular basis ourselves.  For example, we use our own subscription functionality to bill thousands of users each month. The “eat your own dog food” approach allows us to constantly monitor what is and isn’t working and quickly make improvements as needed.

We invite you to pay for your FoxyCart subscription with one of these alternate payment methods. Of course, you can continue to pay with debit/credit card. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. We listen to and take into consideration all comments, suggestions, complaints, and praises.