We're Foxy.

Custom ecommerce, simplified. Our hosted cart & payment page allow you to sell anything, using your existing website or platform.

Our Story

Where am I and what happened to FoxyCart?

You are here at Foxy.io, safe and sound surrounded by the same team you knew as FoxyCart. Sure, the rainbow-pooping unicorn is retired to pasture and the shark with laser beams didn’t make the site, but all is well.

When we began FoxyCart 9 years ago, we did everything we could to be the shopping cart that developers loved. We’ve been loved back by thousands of ecommerce merchants and their devs. But a really exciting thing happened in 2015. We outgrew the “cart”, and released our new Hypermedia API (hAPI) that brings ecommerce with all of the FoxyCart functionality and benefits to any application or platform. You could now be purchasing a video class via an LMS or buying virtually any type of product on a website built on a CMS and Foxy’s hAPI is in the background handling the transaction. That’s pretty awesome, right? Embed all of Foxy’s power, embedded directly within your own application.

So what do you do when you have the “cart” in your name but you’ve become much more than a shopping cart? We decided it would be smart to drop the cart so it doesn’t act as a limiting factor. We wanted to retain as much of our past grandeur and decorum as possible, so the Foxy stays. We will always remain the guys who built FoxyCart, but henceforth we are now simply Foxy, available at Foxy.io.


Our Team

Foxy is made up of a talented group of individuals from all over the world.

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