It’s been a few weeks since we posted last, but silence does not equal idleness.  We’re excited to announce the release of highly requested functionality and improvements for all users on v2.0.

Payment Sets

Payment Sets work hand in hand with our recent release of Template Sets, introducing the ability for a single store to offer different groups of payment gateway configurations. This can be very useful for situations where you need to only offer a specific set of payment options in different checkouts, whether based on the currency of the cart, or related to specific types of products. Please visit our Payment Set documentation for more information and setup instructions.

Custom Order Numbers

A small but powerful new feature release is the ability to set your own order numbers, ignoring the FoxyCart transaction ids that are displayed on store receipts and email receipts by default. Custom order numbers can be turned on and configured in your Advanced Settings.

Pre-payment Webhook

Our new pre-payment webhook functionality sends a request to an endpoint of your choosing right before FoxyCart would otherwise submit the payment to the payment gateway, and allows for stores to apply custom validations for transactions prior to the request being set to the chosen payment method. Please visit our Pre-payment Webhook documentation for more information and setup instructions.

ComGate Support

We’re excited to announce the addition of ComGate to our growing list of nearly 100 supported payment gateways and alternate payment methods.

Our team is working hard on even more new features and improvements. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of assistance.