For many FoxyCart users, our Single Sign On Functionality (aka SSO) isn’t anything new. This functionality allows customers who are already logged into your website to proceed through to checkout without needing to re-enter their username and password. While this is helpful in many situations, many FoxyCart users have voiced their need for reverse functionality.

We are excited to announce that reverse SSO functionality is now available. You can read the full documentation along with example instructions here.

Use Cases

While there are many use cases for our new reverse SSO functionality, I have highlighted a couple below.

Instant Login

In situations where you want to log a new customer into your website directly after their FoxyCart purchase, reverse SSO functionality will carry over authentication needed to do so.


After a completed purchase, on the receipt page, you can display upsell options to your customers. Clicking one of these options will add the product to cart, send customer to checkout (they will already be logged in), and submit the transaction automatically. You can find instructions on how to offer upsells here.

We’d love to hear about how you are using reverse SSO functionality or how we can improve it. Please comment below or send us an email.