We’re passionate about making subscription management as easy as possible for our users. More and more subscription based businesses and organizations are turning to FoxyCart for flexible recurring payments. We even use our own subscription functionality to bill thousands of users each month.

This week we’re excited to announce new and improved subscription management functionality (also known as dunning in the ecommerce industry). The following improvements can be found and configured in your Advanced settings page here for stores on v2.0. For more detailed instructions, please visit our wiki here.

Soon to Expire Card Notifications

Automatically notify customers when their payment method is about to expire. Easily specify an email schedule for how soon and how many times to notify customer (ex: 40 days, 15 days, and 5 days)

Past Due Amount Handling

Past due amounts can now replace a previous past due amount, instead of just increasing, if a customer’s subscription fails multiple times in a row. This new functionality will be especially helpful for businesses doing “box of the month” type auto-ship approaches.

Reset Next Charge Date

When a customer pays a past due amount, their subscription’s next date can now be set to be one frequency ahead of the day that the transaction is processed, instead of remaining on the existing next charge date already set. For example, if a monthly subscription failed on the 1st and the customer paid their past due amount on the 5th, the next charge would be reset to be the 5th of each month. This new option will be very handy for auto-ship businesses.

Self-cancel Improvements

Previously, customers were required to pay past due amount before cancelling their subscription. We’ve added an option for you to allow customers to cancel their subscription, even if there is a past due amount.

Previously Released Improvements

Below is a list of previously released improvements that you may have missed:

Improved Email Receipt Control

Configure whether an email receipt should be sent each time a subscription renews.

Past Due Notifications

Automatically notify customers when their payment is declined.

Automatic Re-attempt Schedules

Configure how many times and when FoxyCart should re-attempt to charge a past due amount, along with the ability to specify when re-attempting shouldn’t happen.

Automatic Cancellations

Specify when a subscription should be automatically cancelled. (ex: After 30 days, if past due amount has not been paid, cancel subscription)

Are we missing a feature? Have feedback for existing features? Please let us know. Instructions for subscription management can be found in our wiki here.