This year has been exciting year for our team, as well as for our users, with the launch of many new features and improvements. The following is a list of new feature and improvement highlights. It doesn’t include the hundreds of smaller improvements and bug fixes pushed throughout the year.


We’re continually integrating with new gateway partners and improving our existing integrations. This year was no exception. Click each link below to learn more.


This year was chock-full of subscription related updates. (Official Announcement)

  • Soon to Expire Card Notifications
  • Past Due Amount Handling
  • Reset Next Charge Date
  • Self-cancel Improvements
  • Improved Email Receipt Control
  • Past Due Notifications
  • Automatic Re-attempt Schedules
  • Automatic Cancellations

Payment Sets

Stores can offer different groups of payment gateway configurations. (Official Announcement)

Pre-payment Webhook

Send requests to a custom endpoint before payment is made. (Official Announcement)

Google’s reCAPTCHA

Our integration with Google’s reCAPTCHA prevents bots from aggressively scripting and pushing through transactions in an automated way.  (Official Announcement)

Custom Order Numbers

Set your own order numbers for Foxy transactions. (Official Announcement)

Use Your Own SMTP Server

Configure Foxy to send email using your own SMTP credentials. (Official Announcement)

New Blog

This is an obvious one since you’re already here, but earlier this year we launched a brand new blog that’s packed with helpful resources and product updates.

FoxyShop Ownership

Most of you are most likely already aware of our free WordPress plugin, FoxyShop, but you might not have heard that earlier this year we became its official owners. This means all maintenance, development, and support of the plugin will be handled directly by our team.

Looking Ahead

We transition into 2018 and beyond with great excitement as we look forward to the following:

  • Zapier Integration
  • Webflow Inventory Integration
  • New Foxy Dashboard
  • New Foxy Website
  • New Foxy Knowledge Base
  • and much more

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of assistance.