You can now configure Foxy to send email using your own SMTP credentials. Setup instructions can be found here.

Though we maintain an extremely high reputation for our outbound mail servers (ensuring your customers get your receipts delivered properly), this new option allows additional flexibility for users who’d like more control. Some possible reasons for using your own SMTP server include:

  • DMARC. If you use DMARC, there’s no real way for us to send mail on your behalf, so you’ll definitely want to use your own mail servers.
  • Consistency. If you’ve already got SMTP servers you use for all your other mail, it may be easier to know your store’s receipts and dunning emails send from the same servers.
  • Logging. If you’ve already got solid logging for your outgoing mail, you’ll likely want to be able to log your receipt and dunning emails as well.

You can use any SMTP server, but for something as critical as email delivery, we recommend using a reliable 3rd party who specializes in outbound mail. Examples include SendGrid, AWS SES, or your favorite other provider.

Also worth noting is that if the Foxy servers can’t connect to your SMTP server, we’ll fall back to our own. Because of this, we recommend configuring your SPF and DKIM records to allow Foxy to send mail on your behalf.