To say it’s been an eventful year would be a great understatement. Infrastructure migration, new features, hundreds of improvements and bug fixes, and not to mention new additions to the FoxyCart family, have made this one of the most exciting years to date.

What’s Happened

Infrastructure Migration

After years with our previous hosting provider (which specialized in secure and PCI compliant hosting but left us wanting in many other important areas, including reliability and scalability), we decided towards the end of 2014 to migrate to a new platform. After considerable time evaluating and preparing, we completed the migration in early September 2015. We’re now running on Amazon’s AWS platform, and are continuing to take advantage of AWS’s impressive capabilities.

One important perk we’ve put to good use since migrating is an improved ability to scale to serve more traffic than ever before. We’re extremely excited at the improved capabilities AWS brings, and are looking forward to serving your FoxyCart sites faster and more reliably then ever before.

Hypermedia API

Our new Hypermedia API officially launched in a private beta and then a public release in 2015. This new API allows for considerably more integration options, including the ability to embed FoxyCart directly inside hosted SaaS systems like CMSs, LMS, CRMs, and others. Luke, our co-founder and the lead dev behind the API, spoke at a few events about API development, and we’ve continued to be used as an example of a real-world Hypermedia API.

The most prominent user of our new API is OrderDesk, a widely used order management system for FoxyCart. Expect to see CMS and LMS providers rolling out integrations powered by FoxyCart in 2016.

Improvements and New Features

This year, our core application has seen hundreds of bug fixes along with many improvements and new features. Below is a list of some of these updates:

New Integrations

Our list of integration partners grew quite a bit this year. Below is a list of new integrations, payment gateways, and alternate payment methods added this year:

New Team Members

This year we welcomed three new members to the FoxyCart team: Clark Chambers (Global Director of Business Development), Jed Gonzales (Support Liaison) and Vladimir Serov (Developer). You can meet the entire team here.

What’s To Come

New Website

For the past few months, we have been hard at work on a brand new website. Along with being mobile-friendly and easier to navigate and use, the new website will include more product examples, a new resource center and more. We are close to launching and can’t wait for you to see and use it.

New Admin

It’s been a long time coming, but we are making great progress on a brand new FoxyCart admin. The new admin takes advantage of our hypermedia api and provides a completely new UI and more robust functionality that won’t disappoint.

Thank you to all of the merchants and developers who continue to trust us with their e-commerce needs. We don’t take this privilege lightly and are honored that FoxyCart is your go-to solution when it comes to secure, customizable e-commerce. We look ahead with great excitement!