We are excited to announce recent improvements we have made to coupon functionality. Along with making our Discount Builder accessible in the FoxyCart admin, coupons can now be assigned to specific products and coupon usage can now be controlled per customer. Keep reading for more details.

Discount Builder

Discount Builder (v1.0+)

Our Discount Builder has existed for quite a while (in our documentation) but only recently has it been accessible from the FoxyCart admin. Gone are the days of writing custom coupon logic. Now when configuring your coupon details, you can use our Discount Builder to generate basic to advanced coupons in a matter of seconds.


Product-specific Coupons

Product-specific Coupons (v2.0 only)

Sometimes you just gotta have it; coupons that only apply to specific products. In the past, product-specific coupons could be accomplished with what some would consider a hack. The old method was to assign the coupon to a specific product category. This would ensure that only products with the applicable category code would receive the discount when the coupon was applied. This obviously would only work in some cases. If a store had multiple product categories, with each having their own settings, this method would most likely make order management next to impossible.

Making a coupon product-specific is as simple as providing applicable product codes when configuring your coupon. Under the “Usage” section you will see a “restrict usage by product code” input field. You can provide just one product code or multiple product codes separated by a comma. You can even provide partial product codes by using * as a wild card at the beginning or end of the value. So abc123, fun_*, *-small would match abc123, fun_ and fun_times, and example-small. It wouldn’t match abc12, abc1234, fun, or good-smalls. This improvement is available in version 2.0 only.

Customer Usage Control

Per Customer Usage Control (v2.0 only)

This improvement has been a long time coming. Previously, limiting coupon usage per customer just wasn’t possible. Now you can specify how many times individual customers can use a coupon. This improvement will be super handy when mass marketing a coupon, with the need to put a lock down on how many times customers can use the coupon. Currently usage is based off of the customer’s email address, not a payment method, ip address, shipping address or browser cookie. This improvement is available in version 2.0 only.

This is only a taste of the many improvements we have planned for 2015. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have suggestions for any of the mentioned improvements or features you would like to see.