While FoxyCart takes care of allowing your customers to order products from your store, one thing we don’t do is actually capture the funds from your customers payment method1. That task is undertaken by payment gateways whose focus is doing just that, and we’ve integrated with a whole range of different gateways you can choose from for your store. Connecting your FoxyCart store to one of the supported payment gateways is easy. Once you’ve got an account with your chosen provider, all you need to do is select it from the “Payments” section of your stores FoxyCart administration and enter in your gateways account details. Done!

While we already support over 70 different payment gateways – we often get requests from users asking if we can integrate with a new gateway, and we’re happy when we can make those requests a reality.

One thing we seem to forget to do though is let all of you awesome people know that these new options exist! So to rectify that, here are some of the great new additions to the supported payment gateways you can use with your store:

All of the above gateways are available from FoxyCart version 1.1 onward. On an older version? You’ll need to upgrade before you can use them in your store.

Still don’t support a gateway you need? Request it!

Ultimately we rely on your feedback to let us know which gateways we should integrate with next. If we don’t support a gateway you’d like to use, jump over to our requests page and add a vote for yours. If your store is on the Advanced (annual) or Enterprise plans, please get in touch to discuss the possibilities of a prioritized integration.


  1. We do have a partnership with a payment gateway that allows us to offer some really great plans to our US and Canadian merchants. See this page for more information on that.