If you have been using Google Analytics with your Foxy store (likely along with our native integration), then you will most certainly be aware that Google Analytics are in the process of deprecating their legacy Universal Analytics product in favor of the newer GA4. Universal Analytics will officially stop processing data on the 1st of July 2023, at which time you will need to be using GA4 to continue collecting analytics.

Our existing GA integration utilises Universal Analytics, and while we’ve had a standalone snippet which could be added to your store to support tracking with GA4 for a little while now, we now have native support for the newer integration through Google Tag.

If you’ve used Google’s GA4 Setup Assistant to configure a new GA4 property linked to your existing Universal Analytics tags, then you may be able to continue to use our existing integration moving forward without making any changes. With that said though – for future-proofing your analytics, and also making use of the better ecommerce tracking that our GA4 integration includes, we would recommend making the switch to our new integration.

Along with the new integration adding support for the newer GA4, it also now supports Google Ads for tracking conversions (either with just Ads, or with GA4 at the same time). It also adds native support for stores using Google Tag Manager to manage their website tags instead of adding the gtag.js directly.

You can see information about configuring the new Google Tag integration with either your GA4, GTM or Google Ads account here. As always, we’re here to help if you need anything at all. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.