Changes for the week 2016-08-21

  • All Versions: Updating the automatic redirect to allow for the store url to be the cart page.
  • v2.0: Added the Mollie Payment Gateway
  • v2.0: Setting the Paypal Payer ID correctly for PayPal Express Checkout
  • v0.7.2 – 2.0: Changed the admin to view all minfraud scores, not just scores greater than 0.
  • v0.7.2 – 2.0: Fix for Litle/Vantiv gateway throwing errors in some situations where the content is longer than their system allows.
  • hAPI: Fix for an issue with save_cc: false not clearing card numbers as expected.
  • hAPI: Fixed an issue when doing a PUT on the default payment method which could cause a 500 error.
  • Foxy/hAPI: increasing the maximum length of a custom language string from 800 to 2000 characters.