Recently, I had the privilege of hearing Dan Miller speak, the author of “48 Days to the Work You Love” and “No More Mondays.” Dan talked about having a sense of meaning, purpose and accomplishment in your life, about making the most of the unique opportunities available to you and allowing your deepest passion to direct you to profitable work.

According to Dan, in the future, up to 50% of the workforce will no longer be employees. Instead, they will be consultants, entrepreneurs and business owners. It’s not just about doing the same boring job over and over again, it’s about doing the work you love.

We here at FoxyCart are all about equipping entrepreneurs and businesses to become successful. Whether your company builds websites or is looking for an e-commerce solution, we want to help you create new opportunities. As Dan says, your opportunity is either NOWHERE or NOW HERE.

The answer is up to you.

Hopefully, with FoxyCart, the answer is now here…

– luke