v2.0: Ability to set and override customer and shipping addresses on API-created and processed transactions (without changing the customer record).
v2.0: Ability to show a masked payment card number on subscription dunning emails.
v2.0: Adding the ability to specify a reply-to email address in email templates.
v2.0: Store-wide “cancel enddate config”, which allows specifying how the enddate should be handled on subscription cancellations. This allows subscriptions to cancel on the next billing date, rather than “tomorrow”, and enforces this behavior on PayPal Express Checkout subscriptions as well.
v2.0: Bugfix to ensure the email field displays on the checkout when Amazon Pay is combined with the new Stripe Connect integration.
v2.0: Adding the ability to use a Webflow team account with the Foxy inventory integration.
v2.0: Re-adding Stripe Connect. Fix to saved customer account functionality.
ALL VERSIONS: Fix to prevent rare situation where a coupon code would be added to a transaction twice.