Changes for the week 2017-02-26

  • All Versions: We’ve updated our Terms of Service and provided a link in the news section of the admin.
  • v2.0: Fixing an issue which would list template transaction ids for a subscription template as a coupon use if the subscription template had a coupon applied to it.
  • v2.0: Fixing an issue with the cancel and continue shopping link not showing up on the checkout if the add to cart process included empty=reset which was also clearing out the page referrer as it reset the session.
  • v2.0: In the admin, don’t allow users to turn off PayPal with reference transactions if they have existing active subscriptions using it.
  • v2.0: Fix an issue where the shipping address of a customer might be cleared out if they complete a normal transaction followed by a multiship transaction with a named shipto address.
  • v2.0: When Google analytics data is passed along to the cart, we now add it to the redirect urls for the cart or checkout to ensure that data is properly preserved for Google analytics.
  • v1.1: Updating our subscription processor to improve memory performance.
  • hAPI: Updating how we handle cart attributes so they will also show up as transaction attributes after the cart is converted to a transaction.
  • v2.0: Ensure rates from the custom shipping endpoint are also signed.