v2.0: PayPal Commerce Platform private beta is now available.
v2.0: Fixed a related to subscription processing with Purchase Order.
v2.0: Fixed a bug with Klarna integration. It was throwing an error when completing a transaction with a discount applied.
v2.0: Improved and secure checkout with Google reCaptcha enabled on checkout.
v2.0: Updated verbiage from blacklist/whitelist to allowlist/blocklist.
All versions: More secure admin.
v2.0: Fixed a bug with future subscription and live shipping rates not being included in subscription XML.
v2.0: Transactions’ source for Stripe Connect and PayPal Express Checkout (Reference Transaction) is being added correctly.
v2.0: Fixed a bug for TaxJar requests occurring in the admin when viewing subscriptions for completed transactions.
v2.0: German VAT change for July 1, 2020