The following was originally emailed to all FoxyCart users on 2009.12.15. It is published on our blog for reference.

Death and Taxes. New FoxyCart Version: v050

FoxyCart v060: Lots of good stuff.
You asked. We programmed.

    • PayPal Express Checkout / Standard was our #1 request, and we’re happy to oblige. You can now use PayPal as a payment option either by itself or with a traditional gateway.
    • True Guest Checkout or Saved Account checkout modes allow for more flexibility on the checkout. We’ve implemented a method unseen in any other e-commerce system, but very intuitive for customers and flexible for developers.
    • Multiple Payment Methods are now allowed on a single store, so you can combine credit card payments with purchase orders with PayPal.
    • Maestro and other UK Debit Cards are now supported, with auto-detection on the checkout to display the start date and issue number fields.

The upgrade process

The upgrade to v0.6.0 is a bit more involved than a normal upgrade, but shouldn’t be too tricky. Most of the effort will be due to the guest/account checkout changes to the first section of the checkout. As always, you’ll want check the complete upgrade notes in the wiki.

Haven’t set up a store yet? It’s easy too!

getting started guide  at our wiki, or just jump right in to the FoxyCart Admin.

Price Increase: Effective Jan 1, 2010

FoxyCart Price Increase

IMPORTANT: Existing stores will not be affected.

Effective Jan 1, 2010, new FoxyCart stores will be charged at $19/mo rather than the $15/mo FoxyCart has charged since launching two years ago. We’d love additional feedback, but it is important to note:

    • Existing stores at $15/mo will not see a price increase.
  • You can now earn money by referring your clients to FoxyCart, using our affiliate program. More details in the forum.

Please read the forum post for additional information, and if you have any questions about this price increase please do let us know.

FoxyCart + Quickbooks

FoxyCart Quickbooks Integration from Consolibyte

Keith at Consolibyte has been hard at work polishing up a FoxyCart + Quickbooks integration, which is available both as a standalone self-installed system, or as a hosted service at only $5/mo.

While we haven’t yet used it ourselves, the word in the forums and in our inboxes is that it’s a brilliant implementation. Please take a look if you need better accounting support for your e-commerce needs.

Customer quote - FoxyCart FTW... That is all.

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