We end up sharing a lot of links in our Foxy Slack channel, and we thought it might be fun to share some things we learned, found interesting, or just wanted to share.

The Birthday Problem

How many people would you need in a room to have at least a 50% chance that 2 people share a birthday? It’s probably not what you think, unless you’re already familiar with “the birthday problem” (or “the birthday paradox”).

This came up internally while we were helping an Enterprise Plan user build out a pretty slick Webflow + JotForm + Foxy + Airtable backoffice automation solution. Each product needed to connect to a medical lab with a unique number, but luckily JotForm can generate unique random numbers. (You can do custom order IDs in Foxy as well, but that’s at the order level, so they didn’t work here.)

Use your Mac’s Touch ID for sudo commands

Have a Mac with Touch ID? Want to use it for sudo commands, instead of entering your password? Well then you’re in luck! Check this blog post outlining how to enable Touch ID for sudo.

How differential steering (on automobiles) works

Completely unrelated to web development, but pretty fantastic explanation of how the outside wheel can spin faster than the inside wheel, when a car turns.

Sharing a URL and highlighting specific text

Technically called “Scroll to Text Fragment” (via StackOverflow), Chrome can highlight text on pageload, where the text is specified in an anchor link as below. Fun.


Editing in the browser with document.design

Music: Experimental/prog/math rock + jazz fusion with a hammered dulcimer?

If you’re keen for some music you’ve likely never heard before…


Hopefully at least one of these links enriches your life 🙂