Here at FoxyCart, we have many things to be thankful for. Each and every team member we have challenges me to be a better human. We get to do what we love and still pay our bills. And most important for morale, we get to serve you, a member of our incredibly hard working and entrepreneurial community.

Thanks to your trust, support, and word of mouth (really, we do almost no “real” marketing, so thanks) our team has doubled in the past year. That’s exciting not because it’s some feather in our cap, but because we can now improve FoxyCart with more frequent and significant improvements. And ultimately that’s what’s important: getting you the most powerful, reliable, flexible, and helpful ecommerce platform we can. Much of what we’ve been working on for months (or even years) is finally nearing fruition, and we can’t wait to show it to you in the coming months.

From our team, I offer our sincere appreciation for being such a pleasure to serve. It’s an honor to power ecommerce for web developers and merchants across the world, and we come to work every day excited to help make your life easier.