We’re excited to announce that tax-inclusive pricing is now available for all Foxy users. For those unfamiliar, tax-inclusive pricing displays the product price with tax included, but also displays taxes charged as a separate line item.

For example, assume an $83.33 product and a 20% tax. In both cases, the item should be price=83.33. (Note that there may be situations where, due to rounding, you may need to specify a more accurate price, such as price=83.3333. Foxy can handle that specificity to fix rounding issues.)

  • In a tax-exclusive cart, the item will be displayed as $83.33, the tax will be $16.67, and the order total will be $100.
  • In a tax-inclusive cart, the item will be displayed as $100, the tax will be $16.67 (and will show an “inclusive” note in the heading), and the order total will still be $100.

In that sense, this update can be considered a “display only” change. All other aspects of Foxy’s tax functionality remain effectively unchanged. For example, a tax-exempt customer will pay the price value of the item(s) in the cart, and it will look identical to how it’d look for a tax-exclusive cart. Also, you can still have taxed and non-taxed products in the same order (ie: tax products from your shop but don’t tax donations).

If you would like tax-inclusive pricing enabled for your store, please contact us to let us know. Alternatively, you can enable tax-inclusive pricing via the Foxy API.