Our fearless lead system administrator, Fred, does many awesome things. He’s an amazing FoxyCart team member, loves learning new things, shaves his head occasionally, does crossfit and krav maga, bikes to work, and more.

Unfortunately, much of that has been put on hold recently because he was struck by a car while on his way to work 2 weeks ago. Thankfully he wasn’t seriously injured (though if you ask his hindquarters directly they may beg to differ), and luckily Fred has maintained his quick wit and sense of humor. The irony of patches being applied to the sysadmin, as opposed to by the sysadmin, was not lost on him.

We wanted to share a picture of Fred’s hands with “security patches” applied. Unfortunately, the pictures of the patches on the rest of his body might be nsfw 😉

Fred's hands, with security patches

Fred’s hands, with security patches