You may have noticed Klarna as a payment option on more sites while you’ve been holiday shopping lately, and thought, “Huh, I wonder if I can get that on my Foxy-powered checkout.”

Good news and better news: We’ve supported Klarna for many years in Foxy, and we’ve seen increasing numbers of our users adding it as a payment method. Though it was primarily focused in Europe for many years, it’s been aggressively expanding into the US since 2015, and it can be a nice installment-payment or buy-now-pay-later option (which our PayPal Commerce integration also supports).

But Klarna, like all payment platforms, has pretty strict risk evaluations it needs to do, and certain merchants need to pass through Klarna’s “Extra Merchant Data” (EMD) values in order for Klarna to properly evaluate the transaction. These products include:

  • Travel-related items. Pretty much any ticket for transportation, as well as hotel stays.
  • Events. A very well-known Ivy League business school selling certain course registration through Foxy is what prompted us to add EMD.
  • Other. We’re Klarna will let you know if they need something extra from you 🙂

Most merchants won’t need to ever bother with this, but if you need it, Foxy has you covered. Just reach out and we’ll help you get things set up.