Since day one we have eaten our own dog food by using the same subscription functionality we built for our users to handle our own recurring billing. Over the years, hundreds (if not thousands) of bug fixes, improvements, and new features have been released with the goal of providing powerful, easy to use subscription functionality. Today is no different. Keep reading to learn more about what’s new.

Relative Dates

In the past, if you wanted to specify a subscription start date or end date, you would have had to provided a concrete date in YYYYMMDD format or a dynamic date in the DD or D format. Now you have the ability to set a relative date. (ie: 2 weeks from today). To do this, for the “sub_startdate” or “sub_enddate” simply pass in a currently accepted frequency value such as 1w, 2m, 1y, etc. You can find all subscription related parameters here:

One-click Charge Reattempts

Before today, reattempting to charge a subscription that had trouble charging the first time required loading the subscription in the cart via the sub_token. We have now added a “Attempt to bill the past-due amount” option for all subscriptions that have a past-due amount.

Subscription Links

Our team is hard at work on many other improvements to our subscription functionality and other areas of FoxyCart. As always, we love to hear from you. What features and/or improvements would you like to see? Feel free to comment below or post your requests here.