Our friends at Media Lab have announced SiteGrinder 3, which adds a full CMS and FoxyCart support to their already powerful Photoshop -> Website creation application. They have a full press release available, but what we find most interesting is that not only will SG3 create the HTML and CSS for you from Photoshop, it will also lay it on top of a CMS to allow for easy editing. There are many a web designer that have come from print and don’t fully understand how to go from Photoshop to a site. This could be a powerful tool allowing those users to create complete CMS-driven sites with e-commerce, without the typically steep learning curve.

The reason we’re discussing SG3, however, is the native FoxyCart support:

The SiteGrinder 3 Commerce add-on builds web stores with a fully-integrated shopping cart from within Photoshop. Users can now easily create online stores with shopping carts from image galleries using simple Photoshop text and art layers. After publishing their store to the web, users can edit products, pricing, images and descriptions remotely using any web browser.

We’ve seen some previews of this functionality, and must say that it’s very impressive. More details about FoxyCart + SiteGrinder 3 will be available on both our site and MediaLab’s in the coming weeks.

We’ll also have a representative from FoxyCart (Brett) at the Photoshop World convention from March 24–26, so if FoxyCart users are in Orlando or want to say hello please let us know in the forum.