In just a few days (Thursday, January 22, 2015 to be exact) our fearless leader, Brett Florio, will be speaking at Nomad PHP. The subject (if you haven’t guessed it yet) is on regex. We have always teased Brett about his love of regex, not to mention a SUPER old blog post about passive groups that is still one of our most popular pages in Google organic search traffic.

In his session, Brett will cover:

  • What is regex? How’s it work? A brief history.
  • Syntax, special characters, character classes
  • Grouping, capturing, and common gotchas
  • More advanced topics like: Backreferences; Passive groups; Lookarounds (my favorite)
  • PHP pattern matching and replacements
  • Regex in JavaScript, and js-specific limitations

To learn more about Nomad PHP, click here.