It’s been a busy few months for our team. Lots of new features, improvements, and integrations. Keep reading to learn more.

New Features

  • Custom Shipping Code – Tie into Foxy’s new JavaScript Shipping API, creating and manipulating shipping rates, server-side, however you want, right in Foxy.
  • Card Reader Support – Magnetic strip card-present readers are now supported for the CyberSource gateway. More gateways will be supported in the future.
  • Custom Shipping Endpoint – Send the shipping request from the cart and checkout to an endpoint script of your choosing.
  • Russian Language Support – A Russian translation is now available for all customer-facing language.


  • API – You can now specify whether to use a customer’s shipping address for API-created transactions.
  • Maximum Package Weight – When an order exceeds the max weight, Foxy will send shipping rate requests to shipping carriers for multiple packages.
  • Subscriptions – Subscriptions’ cancellation dates can now be set as “next_transaction_date”.
  • Coupons – Blacklist specific products, in addition to the existing whitelisting functionality.
  • Webhooks – New webhooks can now be triggered for old transactions (completed prior to webhook configuration).

Integration Tutorials

We hope you’ve enjoyed these updates. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is anything we can help with. As always, you can access product updates and changelogs in our blog.

– The Foxy Team