Massive DDoS We’re in the middle of a massive DDoS. We’ll update as information becomes available.

Update: Monday, 2007.07.16

This weekend was not fun. A server at the datacenter we call home was hit with a _massive_ and (reportedly) very sophisticated “DDoS”: It reached upwards of 2.7Gbps at its peak, which is, in a word, _insane_.

The Bad News

The bad news is that our servers experienced time-outs and latency issues throughout Saturday and Sunday. There was another minor blip today which was unrelated to the DDoS.

The Good News

The silver lining with this disaster is that our datacenter will be taking some very respectable measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again. These steps include:

  1. Deploying our dual Proventia G2000 series IDS/IPS devices to cover a larger portion of our network. When complete, we will be able to provide more protection and enhanced defense against future DDoS attacks.
  2. Only 10 days ago we purchased an additional OC48 of traffic from AT&T. This connection will be live within the next 60 days and will add even greater connectivity to our current BGP blend.
  3. We are also upgrading other upstream connections to OC48 size so that we are able to handle any eventuality that may arise in the future.


All that sounds fun. We’ll let you know when these upgrades hit.