It seems just like yesterday we were recapping everything that happened in 2015 at FoxyCart. Believe it or not, 2016 is coming to a close and 2017 will be here in just a couple of days. We’re super excited about what the new year holds, but before we get ahead of ourselves, we’d like to celebrate this year’s accomplishments and thank our loyal community of users for another successful year.

To our users… thank you!

It’s because of our amazing users that FoxyCart continues to do what we do. Your loyalty and word of mouth promotion has helped FoxyCart to remain profitable year after year, helping thousands of merchants and developers world-wide. Your feedback and input has helped us to constantly build and improve the fastest, most secure checkout possible. Thank you!

Looking back.

Each year, our team invests all of our time into improving the FoxyCart platform. Your feedback, input, and reporting of bugs/issues has helped make the following possible. Your store must be on v2.0 to take advantage of these features. For help with upgrading your store please fill out our free store evaluation form here.

  • Multilingual
    Create and choose from different language sets for all customer facing language.
  • Multicurrency
    Prices can be set (or converted dynamically) in multiple currencies.
  • Subscription Management Improvements
    Automatically contact customers when their card is declined and cancel their subscription after a specified number of failed charge attempts.
  • Cart Session Lifespan
    If your store sells products which collect personal or sensitive information as product attributes, being able to lower your cart session lifespan may be needed. This is now possible in your Advanced Settings.
  • Custom Shipping Endpoint
    Send shipping requests from the cart and checkout to an endpoint script of your choosing.
  • Hypermedia API
    Our new Hypermedia API gives users complete control over all aspects of their Foxy accounts, whether working with a single store or automating the provisioning of thousands.  
  • Auto Canadian Tax Calculations
    Canadian merchants can now have taxes auto-calculated.
  • Google Analytics Integration Improvements
    Significant improvements made to our built in Google Analytics integration that make it quicker and easier to set things up.

Tax Integrations

  • Avalara
    Avalara offers cloud-based sales tax compliance automation. Get super fast, accurate calculations and address verification with this integration. Setup is easy and affordable.  
  • TaxJar
    TaxJar makes sales tax filing easier for online sellers and merchants. See local jurisdictional tax reports, get payment reminders, and more! 

Gateway Integrations and Improvements

  • PayPal Plus
    Merchants in Germany can now accept payments through their PayPal Plus account.
  • PayPal Reference Transactions
    Reference Transactions is PayPal functionality that allows FoxyCart to create a billing agreement with your store’s customers who wish to pay with PayPal, to allow us to continue to charge your subscription customers at each renewal.
  • MercadoPago
    Merchants in Central and South America countries can now accept payments through MercadoPago. 
  • Fosdick
    Merchants can now accept payments through their Fosdick account.
  • Mollie
    Merchants can now accept payments through their Mollie account.
  • CCAvenue
    Merchants in India can now accept payments through their CCAvenue account.
  • WorldPay Online
    Merchants can now accept payments through their WorldPay Online account.
  • Payline Data
    Merchants can now accept payments through their Payline Data account.

Other Integrations

  • UploadCare
    Add a file upload option to products that will send files to your Uploadcare account.
  • Webflow
    Add a single product to your Webflow website or build an entire catalog with Webflow’s Visual CMS.
  • Squarespace
    Add a simple purchase option to your Squarespace website.
  • Webydo
    Add a simple purchase option to your Webydo website.
  • Wix
    Add a simple purchase option to your Wix website.

Looking ahead.

Our entire team is entering the new year with great excitement about what is to come. Below is just a hint of some things we’re already working on:

  • Zapier Integration
    With our new zap, you will be able to easily send transaction and customer data to over 500 online services.
  • Completely New Admin
    This one has been a long time coming. The new admin is being built on our new Hypermedia API along with a fresh new interface. This means that managing your store will be faster and easier on the eyes.
  • Shipping Functionality Overhaul
    With our new shipping functionality, you will be able to setup simple to complex pricing and scenarios right in the FoxyCart admin. No more custom coding.
  • New Branding
    You may have already seen hints of our new branding and website, We’ll have more information later, but until then, rest assured that there are some great things ahead.

As always, if you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Here’s to another great year! Cheers!