Yesterday we quietly released FoxyCart v0.7.2 into the wild as a public beta. By “public beta” we mean that it’s not yet the default version for newly created FoxyCart stores, but that you can select it if you’d like to upgrade. It also means that at this point it’s feature complete, but there may be bugs that we haven’t yet caught.

We have, however, improved our release process quite a bit, and v0.7.2 is already fully documented, and our integration partners have had early access for the past month, helping ensure that they’re ready to take advantage of the new features in FoxyCart v0.7.2.

As always, we value your feedback, so please let us know by the comments below, on our forum, or by email if you have any questions about FoxyCart v0.7.2.

And in case you’re wondering, we’re continuing to work hard on the top items in our request board like improved tax and shipping support.