We love our users, and some of our users love us back. Here’s a few of the comments we’ve received recently that we thought we’d share.

Beautiful Furniture, Beautiful Checkout

Haha… funny that you asked this week how foxycart was working out for us… we just took an order for $3K earlier in the week, as I mentioned to Brett, I think, and then about an hour ago, some woman in Sacramento ran an $8000 transaction

I checked out for the first time in September and it was soo easy! I really don’t enjoy technology and this process took away all apprehensions.
Thank you for a great experience.

Fat Giraffe is Foxy (and our documentation is lame)

I have to say you guys made the worst of it pretty easy, I’m just swapping out graphics and nudging a few css properties. Im sure I will take you up on featuring us as a featured store, so far I am in love with foxy cart. My only request is more documentation, it took me a little while to get my head around how things were set up.
Fat Giraffe Bakery

We look much better (which means we used to be fat)

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the progress you’ve made on Foxycart. The site looks much better, and the service looks really impressive. I’m probably going to be using it as a standard-offering prebuilt economical e-commerce solution. Honestly, I don’t know of a better one out there, including non-hosted solutions. And believe me, I’ve done my homework (10+ years worth of homework).
-Joey at www.tiltedsymmetry.com