If you’ve been doing web design or development for any length of time you’ve likely come across Constant Contact. For me, it was the first “real” email marketing service that made me rethink using phpList. (phpList is absolutely wonderful, but keeping your servers/IPs clean and whitelisted is absolutely not wonderful1.)

If you haven’t used Constant Contact yet, you probably will eventually. It’s a nice offering that clients usually love, and it has some additional features like surveys that can come in handy. So when you do need to use Constant Contact with FoxyCart, we now have a Constant Contact ecommerce integration for FoxyCart. Next time you have a client that’s comfortable with Constant Contact you can quickly and easily add their customers to their lists.

(As with almost all the code on our wiki, it is not an official FoxyCart integration, but we do know it’s working on at least one site so far with solid results.)

  1. Don’t get me wrong. phpList is really amazing, and we recommend everybody at least know it’s there. But it’s not for everybody. But we love it. Please don’t get me wrong on that point.