Good news everyone! As of today, FoxyCart 2.0 is stable and ready for production! We’ve worked through our backlog of bugs, solidified the features, and polished up our default templates. Starting today, 2.0 is available for you to upgrade to and all new stores will default to 2.0.

Just to remind you, the new version brings:

  • Brand new Sidecart that replaces the modal cart. (See image above)
  • Completely rewritten Javascript, CSS, and HTML templates.
  • Fully responsive default templates that work great on phones, tablets, desktops and all sorts of other devices (we’ve even confirmed it works on a Kindle Paperwhite, because testing).

Also we’ve added new Admin configuration options that should help you do most basic modifications without opening a text editor, including

  • Add a Terms of Service or Newsletter sign up boxes
  • Customize theme colors
  • Hide specific product options
  • Filter countries and regions supported
  • Inject custom JS and CSS

On the code side, we’ve brought FoxyCart up to modern web development standards: event-driven Javascript, BEM naming standards for all elements in our templates, and CSS built using Sass precompilation. We think you’ll find it easier than ever to customize FoxyCart to whatever your client needs.

Upgrade instructions can be found here. Changelogs can be found here. Don’t hesitate to email if you find something that doesn’t make sense, we’re happy to help. Happy developing!

Upgrade Instructions