Change is hard. Especially when it affects your online store and source of income. Celery’s recent announcement is sad and frustrating news for its users. Fortunately, Foxy is a Celery alternative you can start using today.

Whether you’re just in the early stages of accepting pre-orders, or are already selling direct to consumers, Foxy has you covered.

Foxy integrates into any website or platform (ex: Squarespace, Webflow, or Wix) and can handle any type of product: physical, digital, recurring, donations, services, custom, and more. If you can add a simple link or embed html, you can use Foxy.

More information about what Foxy has to offer to Celery users can be found here. Our team is on standby to help you transition over. Create your free account and please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help with anything at all.