In another fascinating article from Roger describes compromise marketing, which I find highly amazing. It’s not that it doesn’t make sense; it’s that the effect is so dramatic.

Simply put, introducing the higher-priced machine “framed” the previously most costly unit as a compromise, or middle of the road choice. Buyers were no longer spending too much on the “Cadillac” of the line, but rather making a wise and practical choice. Before the higher-priced machine was introduced, customers may have compromised on a still lower-priced machine, or perhaps bought none at all.

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In completely unrelated news, FoxyCart will soon be offering a “Super Platinum Premium Enterprise Magical” service package starting at $1,000,000 USD per month. It is identical to the regular plan, but includes a fruit basket, FoxyCart embroidered socks, and a weekly deep-tissue massage by a FoxyCart-certified massage therapist.