Most of us working in web design or development have had clients that we consider “bad.” Sometimes we have to fire those clients. Doing so should always be done with utmost care and attention, always with a level head, always cool and collected. Never while emotional, drunk, or otherwise impaired.

This morning I had the pleasure of getting 2 of my wisdom teeth removed, slightly later in life than is normal. The server that houses our forum and wiki was on the fritz a little late last night, so of course I needed to be able to receive system uptime text messages and call for an apache restart at a moment’s notice. This obviously necessitated my phone in my pocket. It all makes perfect sense, right?

About an hour after asking my oral surgeon, “So am I going out now?” they brought my wife back to help walk me out of the office. When she arrived I was still out so she made a quick trip to the restroom. The assistant assured her that I’d be fine. She came back a minute later to find texting me on my phone.

Wife: Who are you texting!?
Me: It’s ok. We don’t need clients anyway.

I’m fairly sure I was joking, but I don’t remember saying it so I can’t be certain.