Changes for the week ending 2011-03-12:

  • Improved internal error handling. 
  • v0.7.0 — v0.7.1 Fix for modifying a subscription where the modification happens on the same day the subscription had a billing error (ie. on the day it should have run but failed).
  • v0.7.0 — v0.7.1:Adding logging to improve PayPal Express Checkout handling on FoxyCart subscriptions. Should help debugging if errors occur.
  • v0.7.0 — v0.7.1 Fix for a bug in the XML output (datafeed, API) of certain subscriptions where the start date was mistakenly showing the end date.
  • v0.7.0 — v0.7.1 Fix for PayPal updating cart items correctly on subscriptions.
  • v0.7.0 — v0.7.1 Fixes some custom field handling on stores with multi-ship enabled.