v2.0: Improvements to Chinese (traditional and simplified) default language strings.
v2.0: Implement payment intents API for Stripe Connect for 3D Secure v2
v2.0: Bugfix to improve setting next dates on subscriptions.
v2.0: 3D Secure v2 support for BarclayCard.
v2.0: Bugfix to fix h: prefixing in certain situations with hosted payment pages.
v2.0: API update to include transaction coupon & discount details (so the amount of a coupon that applies to individual products is now visible).
API: Fix to user-agents on PUTs to carts.
API: Allow for filtering on “zoomed by default” attributes.
API: Improvements to authorization code grant types to remove the scope.
API: Additional input sanitization in certain cases.
API: Creation of legacy datafeed key by default if not passed in on store PUT.
v2.0: Reverting Braintree 3D Secure v2 changes.
v2.0: Improvement to weight rounding to allow for greater accuracy.
v2.0: UI to request migrating existing customers to Stripe Connect.