v2.0: Adding Google Analytics _gac and _gl to reserved/hidden attributes on cart sessions.
v2.0: Improvements to the region name field when using the address autocompletion, for countries where the region code may have been used instead of the region name.
v1.0-v2.0: Adding CIT/MIT handling for Chase Paymentech.
v2.0: Improvement to the admin to fix an issue with the auth-only checkbox being saved incorrectly.
All Versions: Some typo fixing in Foxy-generated emails.
v2.0: Foxy now better handles 3rd party tax providers (AvaTax, TaxJar) by using their returned totals on the cart and checkout. Also fix to prevent duplicate $0 tax lines on the receipt.
v2.0: Coupon discounts now include per-product discount details. At present, this data is only available via the API.
ALL VERSIONS: Adding USPS Parcel Select Ground as a shipping option.
v2.0: Adding email notification for failed webhooks.
v2.0: Bugfix to prevent an authenticated checkout from switching to guest after multiple checkout errors.
v2.0: Bugfix to prevent shipping labels from being stripped in certain types of subscription edits.
v2.0: Fix to ensure subscription cancel webhooks process correctly.
v2.0: Fix to Apple Pay for Authorize.net to prevent payment errors from being treated as successes in certain situations.
v2.0: Improvement to allow the price to override the price set in the admin for downloadable products, if and only if link/form signing is enabled.