v2.0: Adding auth/verify/capture/refund/void functionality to Payflow Pro.
v2.0: Add a title value to the Webflow inventory integration.
v2.0: Adding the user agent to transactions (admin, API, webhooks).
v2.0: Adding transaction details to the new Stripe Connect integration, so transaction details display in Stripe.
v2.0: Improvements to user agent parsing.
All Versions: Improving the reCAPTCHA functionality on the admin password reset functionality.
All Versions: Improving email logging by adding additional tagging for certain types of emails.
All Versions: Improving the admin login functionality to disable the login button after clicking. This will prevent duplicate verification emails from being sent.
All Versions: Fixing Payment Express PxPost to convert accented characters to unaccented characters. (Yes, we think this is a bit silly as well.)
v2.0: Improving CyberSource 3D Secure v2 to hide inputs in the admin in certain cases.
All Versions: Improving logging surrounding login verification.