v1.1: The v0.7.0 javascript can now be loaded through the CDN for stores on v1.1, to aide in upgrading.
v2.0: We will now strip “special” characters (non-alphanumeric) from data sent to CyberSource, to prevent validation errors. (Data is unchanged in Foxy.)
v2.0: The expires parameter is now removed on subscription products, to prevent errors. (Documentation updated.)
v2.0: The Foxy custom shipping code functionality now runs on Node v8.10.
v1.1, v2.0: The Foxy legacy API key (aka “datafeed key”) now accepts a JSON string allowing for individual keys for different functionality (hmac signing, SSO, XML datafeed decryption, legacy API access).
v2.0: Updating Paperless Transactions gateway port.