v2.0: Amazon Pay improvements to voids/auths.
v2.0: Security improvement on the web receipt.
v2.0: New Feature: Override the transaction ID when sending a transaction to CyberSource by including a private attribute on the cart with the name fx_transaction_id_gateway_override v2.0: Stripe Connect integration added.
v2.0: Better error handling on viewing by subscription enddate in the admin.
v2.0: Improvement to error codes when doing template caching in the admin.
v2.0: Bugfix for CyberSource card-present / POS for auth v. auth+capture handling.
API: Updating all date filtering functionality to default to the store’s timezone, and to allow for passing through timezone offsets to explicitly declare a timezone.
v2.0: Updating PSiGate URLs.
v2.0: Fix to ensure Authorize.net ACH recurring billing doesn’t error on subsequent billing.