v2.0: Adding masked CC# values to be available to Twig for dunning emails.
v2.0: Trimming values sent to CyberSource to prevent unnecessary errors.
v0.6.0-0.7.2: Adding an EOL notification to the admin.
v1.0-1.1: Admin improvement to hide invalid shipping methods (that are only available in 2.0).
v2.0: Admin improvement regarding the display of card verification config values.
v2.0: Better Braintree error handling display.
v2.0: Improvement to internal logging on template configuration changes.
v2.0: Fix to an error in Braintree’s subscription handling.
v2.0: Fix to ensure subscription updates don’t send data to tax providers (when no data should be sent).
v2.0: Fix to ensure proper reply-to email addresses on email receipts in certain situations.
v2.0: Reverting a change made to add additional CC# fields to the email receipt template, as it caused unintended side effects.