v2.0: Security improvement to prevent certain types of IP addresses from being cached by the template caching system.
v2.0: Adding the ability to do card verification for Authorize.net.
v2.0: Fix to prevent PayPal refund IPNs to the datafeed (unless a store has refunding functionality enabled).
v2.0: Fix to ensure the refund button displays for transactions with shipping but no products.
v2.0: Improvement to CyberSource Secure Acceptance to better handle phone field validation.
v2.0: Braintree improvements to accommodate recent Visa requirements.
v2.0: Language improvements for ePayments.
v2.0: Improvement to the helper text on the coupon whitelisting/blacklisting field in the admin.
v2.0: API: Adding Bambora as a payment gateway.
v2.0: API: Updating the locations object to ensure NL is used instead of NF for Newfoundland & Labrador for taxes and store settings.