Changes for the week 2017-11-19

  • v2.0: Adding the ability to use your own SMTP server for sending emails.
  • v2.0: Fixing an issue with the legacy XML API transaction list not showing the display_id correctly.
  • v2.0: Fixing the custom shipping langauge description link in the admin.
  • v2.0: Fix for a bug we deployed yesterday which caused text-only admin category emails to not process correctly.
  • v2.0: Improving error messaging for some gateways.
  • v2.0: Using adminCode2 for Italy when doing postal code lookups.
  • v2.0: Updating our ONESOURCE integraton to allow for order priority for product code to better control which item the freight is applied to.
  • hAPI: Updating our template set resource to include a reference to the payment_method_set_uri.