Changes for the week 2015-12-06

  • v2.0: Adding Payment Method filter for the API and Admin for both subscriptions and transactions.
  • v2.0: Fixed an issue with escaped content showing up in the email subject when using the twig fc_output_data custom method.
  • v2.0: Updated timezones.
  • All Version: Updated template caching system to fix a bug with canonical links.
  • v0.7.2 – v2.0: Fix for error display in the admin to match the timezone of the store.
  • v0.7.2 – v2.0: Fix for a potential XSS concern in the admin related to attributes set directly via the API.
  • OAuth Authorization Endpoint: Updated the look and feel of the authorization process.
  • hAPI: A bug fix for zooming on subscriptions into the transaction_template which was showing a transaction resource instead of a cart resource. Also fixed the zooming options on the cart resource and made some more improvements to Siren actions.