v2.0: Improvement to ensure duplicate customer records won’t be created in certain situations.
v2.0: Adding support for tracking special 0-0 coupons as used.
v2.0: Improvement to handling subscriptions that have been paid via purchase orders.
v2.0: Improvement to subscription dunning to prevent certain emails from being sent if the enddate is tomorrow.
v2.0: Adding additional logging for subscription modifications.
v2.0: Expanding recaptcha logic to ensure it’s shown when the server expects it.
v2.0: Adding raw sub_frequency value to the cart JSON, for use with sub_modify=replace functionality.
v2.0: Removing the legacy Stripe payment method unless it’s already active for a store.
v2.0: Add support for transactionfraudinfo node for Bluesnap transactions.
v2.0: Removing appended numbers from Russian city names.
v2.0: Removing appended numbers from French city names.
v2.0: Improvements to shipping and billing address handling with tax providers in certain situations.
v2.0: Language updates for UPS and custom shipping, in the Foxy admin.
v2.0: Fix to ensure the new sub_modify=restart works as expected when incomplete products are added to the cart.
ALL VERSIONS: Improvements to admin login error displays.
v2.0: Fix to the display of a string in the language page of the Foxy admin.
v2.0: Adding SameSite params to certain cookies.
API: Fixing the is_future_line_item value to be accurate in all cases.
API: Template configuration documentation type fixes.
API: Bugfix to ensure the billing and shipping addresses are correctly passed to tax providers in rare situations.
API: Bugfix to ensure passing fields values doesn’t cause problems when retrieving transactions.
API: Adding new counties and disabling old ones for Norway.
API: PATCH/PUT to cart with a null category_uri will now use the store’s default category.
API: The customer portal settings are now configurable via the API as fx:customer_portal_settings.
API: Customer addresses now respect the location_filtering values for shipping and billing countries and regions.