v2.0: FEATURE: New sub_restart and sub_modify parameters to allow signifiant improvements to subscription past-due handling, as well as upgrade/downgrade functionality for both auto-ship merchants and service-based recurring billers.
API: Bugfix to wildcard * in API filtering.
API: Documentation for new filtering syntax and functionality.
API: Adding currency_code and currency_symbol to subscription resources.
API: Fix to bug that sometimes included the subscription’s transaction template when zooming on transactions.
API: Improvement to use the historical coupon code value, in situations where the code has changed.
API: Adding customer_email to cart resources. (Can be used for custom abandoned cart functionality.)
v1.0-2.0: Chase Paymentech Orbital CIT/MIT additions.
v2.0: Change to the default language strings for a specific shipping error.
v2.0: Cybersource Card-Present (Swiper) bugfix when used with OneSource Indirect.
v2.0: Braintree rounding improvement to prevent an error in specific situations.
v2.0: Additional logging for Klarna.
v2.0: Bugfix that was causing errors to be displayed in the error log when editing subscriptions with TaxJar enabled.