v2.0: FEATURE: New setting on coupon codes to allow a single coupon code to be reused across multiple coupons. This might sound strange but allows some very interesting new possibilities, like a single coupon code that can apply different discount logic to different types of products or categories.
v2.0: Amazon Pay improvement to reuse order reference IDs to prevent errors in certain situations.
v1.1-v2.0: DIBS payment system improvements to certain types of errors, which will now trigger emails to store admins.
ALL VERSIONS & API: Improving the admin’s password hashing configuration validation to prevent invalid hashing values.
v2.0: Stripe Connect now can do configurable card verification like other gateways.
v2.0: Stripe Connect fix to prevent an unnecessary custom value from showing up on transactions.
v1.1-v2.0: Quickbooks Payments integration improvement to support their new authentication method.
v2.0: Improvement to Braintree error handling when invalid credentials are used.
API: Updating the store locations property helpers to reflect latest changes.
API: Zoomed transactions on subscriptions now include the fx:receipt in their returned _links object.
API: Adding currency_code (int_curr_symbol in other areas of the app) and currency_symbol to transactions.