API: FEATURE: It is now possible to filter by attribute name _and_ values, such as `&attributes:name[“foo”]=bar`.
API: FEATURE: New filter operators for `in`, `not`, greater/less-than, etc.
API: All `limit` values now will return integers, instead of inconsistently sometimes being strings.
API: Improving error messaging with attributes, and improving access when multiple `private` attributes from different client IDs are present on the same resource.
API: Improving error handling for certain invalid IDs.
API: Clarifying the `payment_method_uri` documentation.
v2.0: Bugfix to Braintree Payments to prevent an error when 3D Secure was used with a future subscription.
v2.0: SquareUp now uses the correct location ID.
v2.0: Updating the name of “Adyen” to “Adyen Hosted”, to differentiate it from our newer Adyen integration.
v2.0: Fixing Stripe Connect issue that caused duplicated lines in the transactions export.