Please view the upgrade notes in the wiki. If you have any issues with v1.1 please let us know.


System Wide

  • Updated the jQuery library to version 1.9.0 and Colorbox to 1.3.23. Note that with this latest version of jQuery the method .live() has been removed in favour of the new method .on(). This change may require some changes to your custom code.

New Gateways

Improvements, Notes, & Bug Fixes

Cart / Checkout System

  • Fixed a bug when checking out with a returning customer logged in via their own password or UOE. A new password hash and password salt were being created, even if the password had not changed.
  • Subscription past due items are no longer included when calcualting coupons and category discounts.
  • When calculating coupons, current and future subscription items are now calculated separately.
  • When calculating category discounts, current and future subscription items are now calculated separately.
  • When adding an already existing non-subscription item to the cart containing subscriptions, a new item would be added instead of increasing the quantity of the existing item.
  • When loading up a subscription template via a sub_token, we no longer keep a perviously modified copy of that template in the cart. The subscription template will be loaded fresh with each click of a sub_token link.
  • Prepopulation no longer forces an anonymous customer. This was causing problems for SSO checkouts.
  • Updated the FC.checkout.requireShippingAddress() function to use a language string checkout_copy_billing_to_shipping and added the HTML into the Twig template. The function has also been updated to only run if shippable products are present and mutliship is not active for the store.
  • Fixed a bug where percentage based product level discounts were not taking product price modifiers into account.
  • Fixed a bug with the receipt text email, where in instances where the shipping address was the same as the billing address, it was only displaying the billing address (Patched back to 1.0).
  • Updated the text email reciept template to include proper formatting and alignment of labels and values
  • Added a “Powered By” FoxyCart logo to the default checkout template. You can easily remove this if you like, but we’ve added it in to let your customers know you’re using one of the best ecommerce platforms available.
  • Downloadable products previously would not allow product options and they would temporarily show line item discounts, even though line item discounts are not valid for downloadables. Both issues have been fixed.
  • MinFraud checks are no longer done on checkouts using Unified Order Entry (UOE).


  • Fixed an issue where caching category email templates wouldn’t use the url specified and wouldn’t display the saved url. It also wouldn’t show any error messages (Patched back to 1.0).
  • The billing menu was not showing the original payment made to start a FoxyCart store subscription (Patch back to 1.0)

Language Additions

  • Added: checkout_copy_billing_to_shipping

Location Changes

  • Added the ability for locations to be marked as inactive, which will remove that location from the dropdown on the checkout, but maintain it for historical transaction records in the administration.
  • Added: Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba (BQ), Curaçao (CW), Sint Maarten (SX), South Sudan (SS)
  • Modified: Saint Helena to Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha (SH), Palestinian Territory, Occupied to Palestine, State of (PS)
  • Deactivated: France Metropolitan (FX), East Timor (TP), Netherlands Antilles (AN), Yugoslavia (YU), Zaire (ZR)
  • States Added For: Ireland, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Updated Colorbox style1_fc.css stylesheet to return the close button by default to be positioned on the right, and only be on the left for the FoxyCart cart modal set up.
  • Added new flag icons for new countries and missing icons
  • Added additional styles to the payment methods on the checkout, making the label full width and adding spacing between the plastic payment icons
  • Updated the unserialize function to build an object instead of an array, as attributes with a name of ‘length’ were causing issues when added to an array. This means that the event functions are now being passed an object of name/value pairs instead of an array.